American High School Safety

Concerns about high school safety in America have been increasing for a long time. School shootings have had a very long history in America. However, the awareness of school shootings has most likely increased in recent years. As such, more and more groups have pushed for higher school security standards. Unlike buying a home security system, school safety requires a big investment with a lot of equipment. Plus it also requires a change in policy to understand how the threats are coming into the school.

Developing an effective school security system requires an understanding of the sorts of threats that students and teachers face. Drug use is a problem in many American high schools. Bullying is another threat faced by many American high school students, although bullying has not always been treated as a problem that needs to be addressed by the administration. School shootings are disastrous problems that often make national headlines, so preventing them is one of the most desirable measures against them.

A number of high schools screen their students with metal detectors before their students are allowed to enter the school premises. Cutting off the supply of guns at their source is often an effective means of eliminating the threat in the first place. It is still relatively easy to identify guns with metal detectors. It’s a procedure that does not require an especially highly-trained staff. No security system works perfectly all the time, but schools can eliminate some of the threats facing them by addressing those threats at the right juncture.

High school safety is more difficult to enforce in larger high schools. Very small high schools with tiny populations will often feel safer, and they may well be legitimately safer. School security guards have an easier time enforcing the rules governing a smaller group of students. If necessary, they can regulate that population more effectively as well. School administrators should look at the size of their student populations in order to estimate the necessary scope of their security systems. High school safety is more complicated than it initially looks.

The layout of a high school will also influence high school safety. Some high schools lend themselves more easily to attacks based on their architecture. Other high schools simply have more private, secluded areas, which can allow more bullying and other breaches of conduct to take place. Security guards and administrators at larger high schools should be aware of these kinds of considerations, and they should know the layout of their schools inside and out. Having a well-informed staff can make all the difference in addressing and preventing emergencies throughout a high school.

Location is everything when it comes to both real estate and crime. High schools that are located in areas with a lot of crime will tend to be at a higher risk of experiencing crime themselves. The local criminal element can target high schools, and some high school students or staff members themselves may be involved with the local criminal element. High schools in these areas will have to take even more precautions. However, there are few American high schools that are immune to problems with school security altogether, so high school staff members should never become complacent.